Rapp Marine Group awarded several new contracts

Rapp Marine Group awarded several new contracts

September 2016: Bodø-based Rapp Marine Group, owned by the private equity company Nord Kapitalforvaltning, confirms its strong market position through a number of new contracts in recent months. In a demanding market, the company is in the process of building an all-time high order book.

Rapp Marine Group (RMG) has over time built a strong position as a supplier of winches and deck machinery for the fishing fleet, both in Norway and internationally. They supply both hydraulic and electrical systems. In recent years the company also has taken a leading position in the market for winch packages to the global research vessel market. These are highly sophisticated and demanding technological solutions delivered to a wide range of different types of research vessels worldwide.

After a quieter market in 2015, the company is now experiencing that hard and determined efforts brings results. Only in recent months the company has landed a large number of new contracts in these markets:

  • Fully electrical winch packages to 2 pelagic trawlers for Swedish shipowners
  • Hydraulic winch packages to 6 large fishing vessels; one Norwegian, two Irish and three Russian
  • Fully electrical winch package to New Zealand's largest factory ship, Sealord. This vessel was designed by Skipsteknisk, and will be built at Simek Flekkefjord
  • Winch and related equipment to a new research vessel to Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, China
  • Electric winch to US-based BayDelta, for use on a barge/workboat

The projects are designed and managed from the company's headquarters in Bodø, and will be produced at the new plant in Serbia.

In addition, the company is working on several other projects and expects to announce new contract awards in the near future.




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