Rapp Marine hires new CEO

Helge Vatnehol new CEO in Rapp Marine

June 2014: Helge Vatnehol has been appointed to become the new CEO of Rapp Marine. Vatnehol is leaving the position as Senior Vice President Deck Machinery at Rolls-Royce Marine AS, and will assume his new position September 1st 2014.

The companies in the winch division in former Rapp Marine Group now form the Rapp Marine Group. "We are happy that Helge Vatnehol accepted the challenge to lead the group" says Olav Fjell, chairman of Rapp Marine. Rapp Marine has a world wide operation and a leading position in its global markets.

Helge Vatnehol is 58 years old and is an engineer from NTNU in Trondheim. He begun in Rolls-Royce in 2000 and has had positions within engineering, IT and process development, strategy and business development in addtion to operational management both in Rolls-Royce and earlier at Ullstein Group.

"Rapp Marine is now completing a restructuring and we will continue to develop a competitive winch group with head office in Bodø" says Olav Fjell. "We have ambitions to continue our strong growth and Helge Vatnehol has an ideal background to lead this process", the chairman adds.