Establishment of Helsepartner Nord-Norge

Establishment of Helsepartner Nord-Norge

Nord Kapitalforvaltning establishes Helsepartner Nord-Norge («Health Partner Northern Norway»), a North Norwegian health care group. Covering the northern part of Norway, the group will represent a local alternative to other health care groups.

The main objective is to assist and complement municipalities and regional health authorities in Northern Norway in providing quality health care to its population. The company will initially have a head count of 300 employees and provide services to more than 1300 patients and users.

Helsepartner Nord-Norge is local by ownership, management and operations and will constitute a flexible supplement to municipalities and health authorities in Northern Norway.


The company will consist of different companies within the focus areas health and care, user-guided personal assistance, rehabilitation and corporate health services. _Initially, Helsepartner Nord-Norge will consist of the companies Privat Omsorg Nord and Opptreningssenteret i Finnmark. These will remain as separate units, wholly owned by Helsepartner Nord-Norge. Nord Kapitalforvaltning is the main owner of Helsepartner Nord-Norge.


The chairman of Helsepartner Nord-Norge will be Bjørn Hesthamar, Managing Partner with Nord Kapitalforvaltning, who has broad experience from the health sector.


Founder of Privat Omsorg Nord, Trude Wester, will reinvest into the new group and become the new CEO of Helsepartner Nord-Norge. Svein Mjøen, founder of Opptreningssenteret i Finnmark, will sell all his shares in the company.

- A strong public health system is a cornerstone of the Norwegian welfare system. We also believe that private health service providers are an important contribution to municipalities and health authorities in the mission of maintaining the responsibility towards the people in Northern Norway, Bjørn Hesthamar states. We want to represent flexibility and relief for the public system and provide an alternative for patients and users.

- Through the establishment of Helsepartner Nord-Norge, we aim to build a significant private unit with the robustness to maintain and develop a high professional level, which also represent a locally owned and run alternative, the chairman says.


Helsepartner Nord-Norge is currently in dialogue with other health players in Northern Norway. The long-term goal is to create a partnership with businesses in all parts of the region. A further expansion of the service offering will also be continuously evaluated.

Users of the services of Privat Omsorg Nord and Opptreningssenteret i Finnmark will not experience any changes in the services. The businesses will be run as before, but with the ambitions of further development and strengthening of their offer. Annie A. Wik will continue as general manager in Alta and Berit Mathisen will replace Trude Wester as the general manager of Privat Omsorg Nord in Tromsø, as Trude Wester enters the role of CEO of Helsepartner Nord-Norge.

-Together we will create safe and profitable jobs in the North, based on transparency, respect and tidy working conditions, Trude Wester states.


Further information from:

Chairman Bjørn Hesthamar +47 950 11 222.




Nord Kapitalforvaltning in brief

Nord Kapitalforvaltning was established in Tromsø in 2011. The aim was to develop a locally based manager of private equity funds, operating according to international best practice, and attracting private risk capital to the region. Nord Kapitalforvaltning is based in Tromsø and has since the beginning invested actively in a spectre of companies and sectors in large parts of Northern Norway.

Nord Kapitalforvaltning is currently managing the ownership of Kuldeteknisk/Frionordica (through Perfect Temperature Group), Bomek, NoBu Group and Helsepartner Nord-Norge, while the companies Rapp Marine Group and Hepro are exited.